February 18, 2008

Massage Lotions: Why & How to Choose good Cream?

Posted in Category : Massage Therapy

Getting any massage can be good for a tired person who wants to release stress, strain, and pains the body has accumulated during many tasking days at work or even at home. In most massage spas or parlors, the use of lotions is required especially for a full body massage. Many of these spas have custom made lotions or their own brands that they may also market.

Massage oils are essential for a massage since it helps reduce friction on the skin resulting in a more relaxed and comfortable feeling during the process. Massage oils also add to the value of the massage experience and embellish it as they also rejuvenate and moisturize your skin. Lotions are used as another option instead of using oil since they are non-greasy. Deep tissue massaging with massage lotions or oils is very effective in reaching its goal of moisturizing the skin. A massage with massage oils or lotion is a lot more wholesome as the skin feels smoother, rejuvenated and moisturized; while at the same time your body is also pampered, with the deliberate and precise application of pressure, helping release and relieve any stress, aches or tension.

When visiting a spa center for a massage, make sure to know which kind of lotion you want to be used on your skin. You can choose from a very wide variety of massage lotions used in massage parlors and spas. There are scented, unscented as well as the organic and water based lotions to choose from; identify the lotion that will perfectly match your skin type. Make sure that the lotion you choose suits your skin type. If you have sensitive skin take particular care when choosing a lotion as a reaction would be unpleasant. Some other criteria for choosing a massage lotion include the fragrance, as your sense of smell has a greater bearing on your mood and state of mind than you realize. Look for a fragrance that is relaxing and therapeutic.

Not only do you receive the advantages of the lotion used for the massage, but the therapist will also find it a lot easier and less strenuous, because of the reduced friction. Massage lotions are often preferred over oil because despite providing lubrication and minimizing friction, they allow for a fairly strong grip.

In addition to massage oils and lotions you can try other alternatives like massage creams or gels.