Massage For Damaged Facial Skin (Bell's Palsy)

Bell's palsy is a condition resulting from nerve damage. Bell's palsy may cause the facial nerves to paralyze partially. People with this condition cannot really to generate any facial expressions. You can keep your facial skin from getting damaged by massaging it regularly. Most doctors recommend a massage therapist for helping with the massage of the affected area of the face. Some doctors also offer assistance on learning self-care and massaging of the areas affected by Bells palsy. Here are the steps for a bell's palsy massage:

  • Start massaging the lower part of your facial muscles. Use your fingers to spread your lips as if you were smiling. Now use your thumb and index finger to grasp the corner of your lips. Push the center in to create a puckering effect. Keep repeating this motion for at least 20 minutes.
  • Now move on to the upper part of your face. Place your index finger and your middle finger on your forehead while massaging the hairline and the upper part of your forehead with your thumb. Now try and reverse the motion so that you are massaging the skin around your eyebrows.
  • Use your finger tips to massage your cheeks in slow, gentle and circular motions. Use very firm strokes on your cheeks, especially on the upper part of the face. Using some strength while massaging the cheeks can help prevent the nerve damage from lasting too long. It will also prevent muscle atrophy in your face.
  • After you have finished massaging all the parts of your face, begin applying some moist heat to your skin. To do this, you can use a warm compress or simply soak a washcloth in warm water and create a hot pack by squeezing the excess water. Apply this all over your face after you are done with your facial exercises.

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