December 22, 2009

Symptoms, Causes and Treatment for Intussusception Symptoms

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Intussusception refers to a problem where a part of one’s intestine essentially slides such that it invaginates into another section. The cause of this complication is the pulling inward of a section in one’s intestine. What this usually leads to is an obstruction where food is not allowed to pass through the regular path of the intestine. This problem is a very serious one, as blood supply leading to this portion of the intestine could be cut off, causing it to die. The walls of one’s intestine, when one has Intussusception, exert a lot of pressure which usually results in lower blood flow, a lot of irritation as well as distension. Besides the death of one’s intestine, there could be copious bleeding. There could be further complications like the appearance of a hole, leading to shock and infection as well as dehydration. The onset of these problems can be rather rapid once the hole occurs. The nature of what causes Intussusception is still debatable. There is a likelihood of viral infection being the problem in some instances of Intussusception. Usually, triggers such as tumors are generally easier to pinpoint in older children suffering from this ailment. Boys have a 100 percent greater chance of getting this intestinal problem than girls. While it does occur in adults too, it is most likely to be seen in children below the age of two.


Symptoms usually involve acute abdominal pain which is colicky. Such sporadic abdominal pain is quite frequent and it gets worse. The duration of such abdominal pain also tends to increase. Infants may subsequently get weak and there is the possibility of going into shock. There could be other signs of Intussusception such as fever and throwing up. The sooner one diagnoses this problem, the better the chances of recovery.


Treatment for Intussusception usually revolves around first stabilizing the child diagnosed with it. Later on, fluids usually become very important on a daily basis. While water remains the best source of the required amount of fluids, look for other healthy options like fresh juices. Fiber, such as obtained from pulses and fruits, are important to prevent digestion problems. Healthy eating habits as well as plenty of good nutrition is important. Remember that doctors will best be able to guide you in the treatment of Intussusception. The sooner you take your child to the doctor for diagnosis and treatment, the better his or her chances are, since this can be life threatening.