I have got several wound and wound scars on my face due to removal of the upper layer of the skin, tell me some remedy to clear it with in a week as I am having a function in a week

Scarring is caused when a type of fibrous tissue forms in place of the original skin tissue after an injury has occurred to the skin. This injury could be a lesion or tear or could be something more traumatic such as a burn. Minor injuries will produce temporary scars while more serious injuries or tears will leave a scar that will be visible throughout life unless treated with some form of plastic surgery. Minor injury scars are not actually scars by medical definition. What we see is the skin that is undergoing regeneration. Because it feels and appears different from the normal skin, we consider this to be a scar. This kind of "scar" can be treated by some useful home remedies.

A popular home remedy is to use egg whites for your facial scars. You will first need to thoroughly wash and dry your skin. You may use a face wash but try and avoid anything that has many chemicals in it. Some natural washes or soaps are recommended over chemical or synthetic ones. Apply the egg white over the scar using a tissue or cotton to spread it around. You can even leave it overnight on your skin and when washing it off, use warm water and make sure that it is thoroughly washed off.

turmeric powder is one of the most amazing natural products because it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It can also be used as a paste to be smeared across the scar. Another method of application is to mix some turmeric in water and boil it. Soak a towel in this and apply the towel on your face. Be careful not to expose your eyes to the water as this will cause irritation. Also note that a light colored towel will turn yellow when used for this purpose.

Oils that contain vitamin E are good for scars on the face. This may be a more long term solution as application should be done daily for a few days to see some positive effects. A natural remedy that works wonders on the face is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera pastes are available and these can be applied to your scars and left overnight to be absorbed into the skin. One can also mix Aloe Vera with oil that contains Vitamin E. Furthermore you can wash your face regularly with natural soaps that are not full of chemicals.

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