October 4, 2010

Surgery For Hymen Reconstruction And Restoration

Posted in Category : Women's Health

The hymenal ring can be described as the membrane that covers, or blocks the opening of the vagina. In some cultures, the presence of the hymenal ring in a woman can be regarded as the proof of her virginity. In fact, ages ago, in certain cultures a bride-to-be was examined to check if her hymen was still intact, before proceeding with the wedding. Failing this exam or test would most likely cause the wedding to get called off, which could further lead to scorn and extreme embarrassment for the woman. Although most cultures have moved away from such barbaric practices, there are still some places, where an unbroken hymen is equated with virginity. Therefore, many women across the world are considering options of hymen restoration, which may include a hymen reconstruction surgery, also known as a hymenorraphy.

What is a hymen reconstruction surgery?

A hymen reconstruction surgery refers to a cosmetic surgical procedure, where a torn hymen is restored. There are two popular types of hymen reconstruction surgery:

  • Simple hymenorrhaphy: In this procedure, the surgeon tries to close the tear, by piecing together, the hymenal ring remnant. The procedure could take between three days and one week, to be complete. The hymenal ring remnants are pulled together, so that they cover the opening of the vagina again. Unfortunately, the results of this procedure may not last for very long. The hymen that has been pieced together through this procedure may not even last for an entire month
  • Alloplant: At times, it is not possible to restore the hymen, by joining the hymenal ring remnant. In such cases, a tear-through piece of biomaterial is inserted into the vagina, which acts as the hymen. This is a fairly easy procedure and can usually be completed within a day. In fact, the surgery usually takes about two hours and the woman undergoing it can be up and about by the next day. The use of local anesthesia is generally required for this hymen reconstruction surgery. Several women prefer opting for this procedure mainly because it is nearly impossible to tell that the hymen is not a real one.

However, in the present times people have become aware of the fact that breaking hymenal ring occurs not just due to sex, but also because of several other factors, like playing certain sports, using a tampon, riding bicycles, being in an accident, sustaining an injury and so on. Therefore, a hymen reconstruction surgery may not be necessary anymore.