October 4, 2010

Dealing with Water Retention in Body

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The body is nearly 80 percent water, and water is the most vital ingredient for life. In fact, after air, it is the most important, and yet too much water can be bad. Fluid retention in the body is called edema. Water from the blood constantly seeps into the tissues of the body, and the lymphatic system drains this water back into the blood stream. When, for some reason, the lymphatic system is unable to do this, it causes water retention in the tissues, leading to swelling. This water retention can be systemic or only in certain parts. Fluid retention is commonly observed in the ankles, feet, wrist and hands.

Other causes may lead to a systemic fluid retention where all the tissues of the body retain fluid. Edema in any form is dangerous as not only can it lead to other problems, it could also be a symptom of problems such as heart diseases, kidney problems, and liver problems.


  • There are a number of reasons for edema and even dehydration is one of the causes. When your body gets dehydrates constantly, it acts as a trigger for the body to retain fluids, which can, in turn, lead to edema.
  • Other causes can be anything from standing for long periods of time to hot weather. Certain medications also tend to pool liquids to the ankles and feet. Medication for high blood pressure and inflammation are known to cause fluid retention.
  • Pregnancy is known to cause temporary fluid retention. Many women also tend to retain fluids during their menstrual cycle. Using the pill has also been known to cause fluid retention.
  • Excessive salt in food can also cause your body to retain water. High amount of sodium in your body can also cause fluid retention.
  • Dietary deficiency such as insufficient protein or vitamins are known to cause water retention in the body.
  • Medical conditions which could trigger fluid retention as a symptom are heart problems, lung diseases, liver diseases, thyroid diseases, kidney diseases and arthritis.


It is easy to identify this problem. Swelling of parts of the body is the most conspicuous symptom of this disease. Joints tend to stiffen and reduce movement. Pressing with a finger will cause a depression that lasts for a couple of seconds before the tissue returns to normal. This is called a pitted edema. Pitted edema is however not the standard, and there are other forms of edema that will not leave pits when pressed.

Water retention remedies

Owing to the seriousness of the condition, it is always recommended that you get yourself checked to rule out medical conditions. If fluid retention is not serious, many simple home treatment options and dietary changes may be sufficient to cure it.

  • Reducing salt intake. Taking diuretics also helps. Ensuring a well-balanced diet will take care of dietary deficiencies.
  • Reducing dehydrating drinks such as coffee, alcohol, tea, etc. helps.
  • Regular exercise will keep your body in good condition.
  • Taking care of any underlying problems such as excessive alcohol for liver disease, and treating heart conditions will also decrease fluid buildup.