May 6, 2009

How to Treat Sunburn Using Natural Remedies?

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What is Sunburn?

Sunburn is caused when living tissue, like the skin, gets burned due to over exposure to the ultra violet radiation from the sun rays. You can see mild symptoms such as red or reddish skin that is hot to touch, general tiredness, and mild dizziness. Excessive exposure to UV radiation can be life threatening in extreme cases. When you are mildly exposed it causes suntan.

What are Cures?

Most often clothing preferably cotton, including hats are a good form of protection from UV radiation. Moderate sun tanning can also prevent sunburn as it increases the melanin content in the skin that is a natural defense against overexposure. Sunburn can induce melanin production triggered by indirect DNA damage. If the damage is not properly restored it can lead to skin cancer.

The most simple and best remedy is to have a cool shower or a bath. This will cool your burning skin and prevent further damage. You can add a cup of white vinegar to bath water to soothe and ease pain quickly. If vinegar is not available you can apply a cup of baking soda, or even 12 to 13 drops of essential oils such as chamomile or lavender. After the bath, daub your skin with generous amounts of moisturizer to replace lost moisture. You make a healing face mask with mashed strawberries and butter to cool and minimize irritation. You should drink plenty of buttermilk to cool your body. You may try to apply the pulp of cucumber for moisturizing the skin.

Try pumpkin seed oil, sesame seed oil, or olive oil to soothe and make the skin supple. Aloe Vera gel is an effective remedy to cure sunburn. You might mix a little white petroleum jelly to a small amount of vitamin E oil and apply it on the affected areas to control sunburn. You can mix two table spoons of rose water to 150 ml of yogurt and apply to heal sunburn. You can also mix one part tomato juice in six parts of buttermilk and apply on sun burnt parts. You can cool or refrigerate cabbage or lettuce leaves and lay them on sun burnt areas to reduce the burn and heal them.

If your face and eyes are affected you should place slices of cucumber, potato, or tomato to relieve discomfort. You can also add a few drops of peppermint oil to the bath to reduce itching and irritation. You should increase the intake of fresh fruit juices, water, and vegetables with water content to keep your body cool and replenished in hot conditions. Avoid applying harsh chemicals or cosmetics on your skin and do not scrub the skin too much. Wear comfortable clothes and use natural skin protective cream to keep yourself protected from sunburn.