Causes and treatment to prevent fungal infections

The causes of all the problems you are talking about can vary from person to person. Keep in mind that most of the conditions you are talking about are fungal infections. These spread quite easily via exchange of fluids. Fungal as well as bacterial infections have a tendency to also fester in places that are damp, dark and moist. All the parts of your body that you have described as infected are prone to remaining damp, so it is possible that your self diagnosis of suffering from a fungal infection is accurate. There are many ways a fungal infection can be caught. The commonest of all is some sort of close physical contact with someone who already has the disease. This is usually the way in which it is transmitted as well. Another way by which this infection could be spreading the way you describe is that you have left it unchecked. If left to its own devices and not treated, then a fungal infection can actually spread to various parts of the body, considering that it is contagious in nature. Particularly, if any infected area is touched to open skin, this can happen quite easily. As far as the question of what kind of a doctor you should be visiting, it is not necessary to see a specialist of any sort. You can simply pay a visit to your regular family physician and she or he will be able to provide you with an appropriate cure easily enough.

You can also take some easy steps at home to resist the spread of the infection. One of the easiest ones is to sanitize the infected areas thoroughly. This will help to at least arrest the spread of the infection easily. Topical application of hydrogen peroxide can take care of this quite easily. You should also try to apply fresh, unflavored and unsweetened yogurt to all your infected areas. This contains live as well as openly active bacteria which will feed off your fungal infection quite happily. Sometimes, this method alone can help to get rid of the infection fully. Alternately, you can also apply lime juice to the areas. This is an excellent method that is used to kill all kinds of topical infections of the skin. Another product you can use is tea tree oil. This has excellent anti bacterial and anti fungal properties that will help to take care of your infections.

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