Cure for fungal rash on back and stomach

Fungal rashes are quite a common skin problem and they may occur for a variety of reasons, such as a moist damp and warm environment, as would be the case under your bulletproof vest. They can also occur due to an overgrowth of bacteria and germs in the body. You would however still need an accurate medical diagnosis if you haven't already got one. A fungal skin infection generally appears as a reddish rash that may cover a significant portion of the skin, with the rash being more intense in appearance towards the center, while its borders are unlikely to be well defined. They symptoms of fungal rashes generally vary, depending on the type of fungal infection, and also the area of the body infected.

There is a good chance that the fungal infection you suffer from was largely caused due to the heat and moisture generated from perspiration, as a result of donning a bulletproof vest. The first step would therefore be to take some time off and avoid using this gear. Try and wear loose fitting cotton clothing. If this is not an option available to you, keep in mind that you need to keep the area clean and dry. This is absolutely essential. Never re-use any article of clothing, instead put it for a wash immediately. After a shower use an anti-fungal powder to lightly dust yourself, particularly on the abdomen and back. This will help combat the infection, and also help keep your skin clean and dry. Wear loose fitting cotton clothing as mentioned earlier. It will allow for better air flow and also absorb any moisture from perspiration if you do need to wear the vest over your clothing.

Try to restrict your usage and exposure to situations that require usage of the vest as far as possible. Get out of the vest whenever possible and change your inner clothing periodically even through the day, so as to ensure that you stay dry. Bathe as frequently as possible and apply the antifungal powder after that. A warm soak in a tub with some tea tree oil added in would be extremely beneficial. Tea tree essential oil is the most popular natural anti fungal ingredient. Direct application however can cause skin damage, which is why you should only add it to your bath or dilute it before applying with a cotton swab. There are also OTC antifungal ointments that you can make use of. If the problem persists and there is no sign of improvement make it a point to consult your doctor.

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