April 3, 2008

Home Remedies & Tips for Getting Pregnant

Posted in Category : Women's Health

These days, as more couples try to get pregnant, they look for alternate therapies and home remedies that might help them get pregnant. There are enough statistics that say once couples start actively trying to have a baby, 6 out 10 couples conceive in the first 3-6 months of trying. Generally you should seek a professional opinion if you have been trying for a year and have had no results.

While there is treatment for the inability to get pregnant, sometimes just simplifying your life with basic tips can make a big difference to having a baby.

  • Start having sex as frequently as possible. Some people say not more than once every two days and others say as often as you can. The important thing is to have fun while having sex. It should not become a chore that you do while constantly thinking about having a baby. Try new positions, spend more time in bed and generally try to enjoy yourself.
  • The woman needs to get to know her ovulation cycle and identify the window when she is most likely to ovulate. It helps if you can have sex in the days leading up and during ovulation. Good eggs lie in wait for sperm in the fallopian tubes at least for a day. So if you have sex regularly, you will always be ready. You can also use ovulation monitors that help you track your body and its ovulation windows. While these are not completely accurate they can guide you in the right direction. If you have an irregular cycle, you should consult a doctor for that ideal window.
  • Eating well is an important change to make. Try organic food with lots of fruits, vegetable and dietary fibre. Include iron rich and vitamin C rich food. You can take pre-natal vitamins if your doctor thinks you should. Include zinc in your food as it boosts sperm health. Herbs like ginseng and evening primrose can be very good to boost fertility. Foods like cherries and strawberries are great to boost fertility. Try aphrodisiacs too.
  • Avoiding drinking and smoking. Alcohol, caffeine and nicotine are all bad for your health, and can considerably reduce your chances at conceiving. If you are consciously trying to have a baby, it makes sense to reduce your intake a few months before you even start trying to reduce the damage to your body.
  • Get your body to its optimal weight including bringing down its body mass index of BMI. Being healthy will help you to conceive the baby faster and make it easier to carry the baby to term healthily.
  • Get enough rest. Try and lead a stress free life and not think about conceiving. Include meditation and other relaxing forms of exercise in your life. You need to be rested to ovulate well and conceive a healthy baby.
  • Make sure you and your partner are healthy and have no infections or other untreated issues which could get in the way of conceiving a baby. Men should avoid taking hot showers or baths, or wear tight underwear. They should consciously keep their testes cool in order to improve the health of their sperm.
  • If you are on any medications, ensure that these medications do not get in the way of conceiving a baby. Try and get healthy so that you need not take any medications to conceive.