April 13, 2010

Home Remedies for Erysipelas Infection

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Erysipelas is essentially the term given to an infection of the skin, which is a common problem that occurs after strep throat. Group A Streptococci is what is behind this skin infection or cellulitis. In fact, the bacteria that cause this kind of skin infection is no different from the kinds that are behind the common strep throat as well as other infections. For instance, surgical infections too are caused by these Streptococci. One of the signs of erysipelas is the way it can suddenly crop up. Since there is typically an infection which comes before this skin problem, the rash usually follows a set pattern. For instance, if before erysipelas you had to deal with strep throat, it is usually your face which will first get that typical rash. In some cases, this is attributable to a previous wound, in which case erysipelas will manifest itself on the arm, leg or other such area. Such wounds on the skin are infected following injuries, operations or the like. However, this manner of erysipelas skin rash is not as common. The rash appears rather vividly red and it feels warm. There could also be swelling and shine and this can be painful. There could be hard raised portions or bumps across the face which could possibly contain fluid. This can be unsightly and would normally be accompanied by lethargy and fever. There could be a host of other symptoms such as lymph node swelling. Those who fall under erysipelas high risk group are those at the ends of the age groups – that is, both elderly and small babies. St. Anthony’s fire is one more name by which infection could be referred to.


The obvious thing to do in case of such alarming skin rash symptoms would be to consult your doctor. Bear in mind that erysipelas can rapidly reach different areas of not just the face but also the eyelids and other areas. The erysipelas could get more serious and if the patient does not get the appropriate treatment, bacteremia could result. This effectively means that the streptococcal bacteria are now in one’s bloodstream. Sepsis is the highly serious and often fatal condition which could then develop. Antibiotic treatment and usually penicillin is the kind of treatment that would be used in case of erysipelas. At home, you could try cold compresses after consulting your doctor, in order to help the pain that the rash causes.