April 21, 2010

Balanitis Candida

Posted in Category : Men's Health

Balanitis is a condition characterized by an inflammation around the glans area of the penis. The glans is the top end or the ‘head’ of the penis which is characterized by a dome like shape with an opening for the urethra which is used to pass urine and, during sexual activity, semen. In men who have not been circumcised, the foreskin tends to cover the bottom half of the glans permanently unless manually retracted. Retraction of the foreskin occurs during masturbation or sexual activity. However, for hygiene purposes it is absolutely essential to retract the foreskin and to clean the area that is covered by the foreskin. It is also necessary to clean the foreskin in its fully retracted state. The foreskin tends to collect a whitish deposit when it is not cleaned properly. During urination, small amounts of urine can get deposited in the gap between the foreskin and the glans. The same could also occur after ejaculation due to sexual activity. All this makes the area under the foreskin extremely vulnerable to infection. Bacterial and fungal infections thrive in such conditions.


Balanitis candida is the type of bacteria that occurs due to a candida yeast infection. This results in the inflammation of the glans of the penis. Any of the above mentioned conditions could cause balanitis candida. The best way to treat it is to avoid it altogether. Some undergarments, particularly those washed in bleach or soaps that contain several chemicals, are likely to cause allergic reactions or itching in the area. This could cause the skin to be sensitive at that moment which can lead to a dormant infection becoming active and can cause balanitis. Some types of condoms may also cause a similar allergic reaction which can trigger balanitis. Thus, the most effective way of avoiding it is to be careful while using such products. The other most important thing to do is to regularly clean the area with soap and then to wash it with plain water. The area should also not be left damp after bathing and should be lightly dabbed in order to dry it out.


For treatments, balanitis should be shown to a trained doctor in order to understand the exact cause. Balanitis candida is a fungal infection and would be treated using anti fungal creams. Your doctor may recommend circumcision as a long term solution. This is done in the case of some people who tend to be more susceptible to infections around the glans and the foreskin.