How to treat mouth thrush?

Yeast or candida infection in the mouth is referred to as thrush. Candida yeast is also seen to occur in the genitals, intestine and mouth. Warm and moist climates are their source of survival. It is seen to affect the cheeks, gums, tongue and lips. It stays for weeks. The cause is still unidentified. The flora of the mouth allows the growth of certain bacteria. Intake of antibiotics, kill the bacterial micro flora, thereby resulting in uncontrolled growth of fungus. Avoid sugar, simple starch and refined carbohydrates. Topical application of gentian violet is helpful. Baking soda is used to scrub the tongue. Dip it with water and peroxide mixture. Relief within hours is visualized. A cotton swab or ear bud is used to remove the thrush. Honey is applied to the various parts of the inner mouth and tongue. Thrush in babies is prevented by sterilizing the feeding bottles and pacifiers. Washing the regularly used toys and sterilizing them frequently helps. Acidophilus is given in an artificial manner, after the guidance of a pediatrician. Nipple yeast infection of the nursing mothers is treated, if any.

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