I have chronic systemic candida? Is there an effective home ready to permanently get rid of it?

Chronic systemic candidiasis is a whole system yeast infection that can go misdiagnosed for many years as it may or may not exhibit any external symptoms. It is associated with many conditions like low energy, fatigue, muscle soreness, depression, digestion problems, food sensitivities, headaches and skin irritations.

Try the following natural ways to get rid of the infection form the roots -

  • It is very important to avoid constipation, so a diet rich in fiber and lots of water is recommended.
  • To recolonize the intestines acidophilus and bifido bacteria supplements also helps (take them after a recommendation from your specialist).
  • To discourage yeast productions include chlorophyll rich food like alfalfa and dark green leafy vegetables.
  • Say a strict no to sugary foods, fruits (except the low sugar ones like papaya, strawberry and cherry), breads, caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, honey, potatoes, rye, milk, mushrooms, vinegar and cheese. Basically prefer a low carbohydrate diet.

answered by Dr S

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