July 31, 2009

Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Accupuncture Therapy

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The Chinese medicine relies very heavily on Chi, or the life energy that flows through our bodies. According to acupuncture, it is the imbalance of chi in our body that causes various disorders. The physical, mental and even emotional symptoms of a person are all related to the flow of chi through the body.

If emotions are withheld in the body for a long period of time, they can cause illness. Also if the body suffers from trauma, it could result in illness. Sometimes, a trauma may cause a dysfunction in the flow of this energy because of which emotional symptoms might be seen.

Each organ is associated with an emotion. Excessive and prolonged anger for example, can have direct effects on the organ that it is associated with –the liver. Also, if the liver has a problem, it will leave you feeling angry constantly. Each emotion and each organ has a different effect on the flow of chi. The chi flow can rise and fall in accordance with the kind of emotion that we feel.

When you are angry you can feel a tightening in the shoulders and the neck area. This is because the flow of chi is raised as a result of the anger. Also when you upset or scared, you have a sinking feeling. This happens because the feelings of fear cause the chi to fall down to the feet.

Therapy Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Acupuncture can be effectively used to regulate the chi and keep the body healthy. It is also effective for the treatment of various anxiety disorders. It helps redirect the life energy to gain a balanced flow. It releases the tensions trapped in the muscles of the body, leaving you feeling relaxed and anxiety free. Acupuncture takes care of stress and all the ailments related to stress. It corrects the energetic spheres which direct the flow of chi to increase the flow of blood and nerve impulses. This increased flow, when passes over the diseased or stressed organs, rejuvenates them.

A recent study conducted has found out that acupuncture when given in the right manner to patients suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, provides treatment effects very similar to those of cognitive-behavioral therapy. The effects of the treatment are also long-lasting and can be seen for months after the therapy has been given. This long sustenance of the therapy helps the patient recover fully from the disorder and prevents a relapse or a recurrence.