My friend suffers from REM disorder (RBD) which prevents him from having a peaceful night's sleep. He acts out dreams, often knocking things over, hitting and kicking. Is there a natural, homeopathic remedy for RBD?

A person, who has REM disorder, generally has the tendency to act out the dreams had in his/her sleep. During the time the muse tone is reduced and the person in reality partially paralyzed, however in rare case people do not have a decrease in their muscle tone and hence begin to physically act out the dream they are having. Over time the dreams start to become more violent than what is normal and often cause horrible nightmares. The chances of REM are very rare, with the disorder mostly seen in older men. Some of the causes identified are the use of certain medications such as antidepressants and symptoms also occur due to withdrawal from the use of sedatives like alcohol. Other reasons identified are Parkinson disease, neurological diseases, narcolepsy and sometimes. The disorder is often dangerous for a person living alone as they have the tendency to knock things over causing damage and sometimes even accidents that can put them selves at great danger, without them even realizing it. The solutions to treat this disorder are limited and the ability of the person to recover completely from the disorder is relatively low. However after repeated efforts and an active dedication to cure self it is possible to be free of the disorder.

People suffering from REM disorder, definitely need professional medical treatment that maybe in extreme cases requires counseling. This can be done by consulting your physician and explain to him, the exact description of your symptoms. This will help the doctor diagnose the best way to treat your condition and eventually cure you. This can be done using medication, however the effect of the medication is different for different people and this should be kept in mind when trying out medication. There are no natural or homeopathic remedies available for the disorder as the cause and symptoms are more complicated. Under no circumstances you should try and medicate yourself.

answered by G R

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