How Do I Induce Menstruation Using Parsley?

There are many women, across the world, suffering from an irregular menstrual cycle, due to various reasons. It is quite common for some of them to use methods for inducing menstruation, in an attempt to stabilize their monthly cycle. In fact it is not just those women who have irregular periods who induce periods. Studies indicate that there are many women who are as regular as a clock, who may also try inducing menstruation on certain occasion, for different reasons. This practice can be seen in women who are getting married shortly, or are planning a trip to the beach, or are even getting geared up for a sporting event. Some of the more serious reasons of inducing menstruation could include Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). There are many different methods that women can adopt for inducing menstruation, which could range from taking pills and injections, to the consumption of certain foods and herbs.

How to induce periods with injections and pills?

Several doctors recommend birth control pills, as one of the common ways to stimulate menstruation. Taking these pills on a regular basis is usually effective in stabilizing the ovulation cycle, especially if the woman suffers from PCOS. Women below the age of 35 are generally advised to take contraceptive pills, for controlling the levels of estrogen, androgen and progesterone in the body. At times an irregular menstrual cycle could lead to other symptoms like excessive hair growth and acne. Taking birth control pills for inducing menstruation is usually an effective way of dealing with other such symptoms too. At times, doctors may not advise the regular use of oral contraceptives, but may administer a hormone injection to stimulate the periods. However, before prescribing pills or giving a woman an injection, a doctor should make sure that the woman is not pregnant.

How to induce periods naturally?

One of the main causes of irregular or missing periods is obesity. Hence, one of the most effective ways of inducing menstruation is by losing weight. A high number of fat tissues in the body may produce extra estrogen, which interferes with ovulation and a proper menstrual cycle. It has been noticed that when obese women lose weight, the menstrual cycle gradually gets stabilized. There are several aerobic exercises and abdominal exercises too, which can help expedite the process of regularizing the menstrual cycle.

In case the menstrual problems are caused by hormonal imbalances, sexual intercourse can be very beneficial. Apart from the production of certain hormones, engaging in sexual intercourse with regularity could help increase the contractions of the vagina. This, as well as the relaxation begins the shedding process. The supply of blood in the vaginal area also increases due to this. Semen also contains hormones, which can help to soften the cervix, gradually resulting in inducing periods.

Herbs are also a great way of inducing menstruation naturally. Herbs that are known as emmenagogues should be consumed in the form of a strong tea. Two of the most important herbs that can be used to stimulate menstruation are ginger and parsley. Other herbs for inducing menstruation are yarrow, sage, rosemary, juniper, mugwort, Black cohosh, birthwort, tansy, savin, rue and feverfew. Some herbs to stimulate menstruation are stronger than the others. However, before using any of the herbs that stimulate menstruation, even on a one-time basis, it is essential to consult a doctor.

How to induce menstruation using parsley?

There are several women who use parsley for menstruation problems, especially if the reason for the irregularity is stress. Inducing menstruation with parsley is fairly safe and is relatively easy too. Parsley can usually help stabilize hormonal disorders, which are generally the main cause of menstrual problems. Several health experts also recommend parsley to induce periods, since there are no side effects that are known off, associated with the use of this particular herb.

How to induce menstruation with Vitamin C?

Several people try inducing menstruation with Vitamin C. This vitamin has the ability to starve the uterus off progesterone and it can also help bring down the walls of the uterus. People who use Vitamin C for inducing menstruation are usually advised to consume a higher amount of water everyday too. However, the dose of Vitamin C that is required for this purpose is quite high, which may lead to certain adverse side effects. Therefore, before using Vitamin C to stimulate menstruation it is absolutely essential to check with a doctor, for recommended doses.

How to induce periods early using a diet and other home remedies?

There are many foods that stimulate menstruation, which should be consumed in higher quantities, by women who want to get their periods more regularly. Some of the most common foods to induce periods include fruits such as mangoes, papaya and pineapple. Drinking the juice of natural cranberries or raspberries (without any preservatives or sugar) has also been known to bring about results in inducing menstruation. Other foods that can help with the problem are red meat, eggs and pumpkin seeds.

Apart from foods, there are other home remedies to induce periods too. Since stress is one of the most common reasons for missing or delayed periods, it is best to adopt practices that help relieve stress. These practices could be simple yoga exercises, medication or even deep breathing. Some women have seen effective results just by soaking in a relaxing hot bath everyday. Other natural ways to induce periods include the use of a hot water bag on the stomach or a hot compress on the abdominal area.

Although many women have adopted various methods for inducing menstruation at some point or the other in their lives, it should be discouraged as a habit. Several health experts, as well as women who try to induce menstrual cycle on a regular basis claim that if the body gets too used to these methods, then there is a possibility that a woman may not get her periods, till she uses various practices to stimulate menstruation. Hence, even the most natural methods and practices for inducing menstruation should be used on a one off basis and that too only after receiving an approval from a doctor.

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Parsley, a well known cooking herb, is an amazing medicinal application for women with menstrual troubles or menstrual abnormalities. Most folk therapists believe that parsley helps to gently stimulate uterus contractions, thus possessing the ability to induce the menstrual cycle. Parsley is believed to be useful when the menstrual cycle is delayed due to excesses stress, hormonal imbalances and other common disorders.

Herbalists believe that parsley is one of the finest herbs available among the herbal kingdom to seek relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of polycystic ovary disease, fibroids and other hormonal related disorders that usually delay or complicate menstruation. In that respect, parsley is commonly accepted as an agent that promotes menstrual discharge also referred to as emmenagogue. Parsley is a biennial herb and does not display serious repercussions and hence can be consumed safely. It acts by inducing blood flow to the uterus and the cervix and directly on the womb to induce the shedding of the endometrium. Herbalists believe that the herb can also be used as a pessary or as a vaginal suppository, in order to slightly dilate the cervix and enable the release of the uterus lining thus inducing menstruation.

Women experiencing menstrual disorders can safely consume parsley tea. The tea can be easily prepared by steeping fresh or dry parsley leaves in hot boiling water. The volatile oils present in the parsley gives the herb its inducing power. When a few cups of parsley tea are consumed it is believed that the volatile oils found in parsley enter the bloodstream and immediately begin to induce uterine contractions thus causing the dilation of the cervix. Herbalists are of the opinion that a few cups of parsley tea can immediately induce menstruation in a couple of hours.

Although the tea can be safely consumed, caution must be taken when dealing with pessaries and suppositories; if in doubt, always consult with a gynecologist about the need for them. Other popular herbs that are often used by folk therapists and herbalists include lemon balm, marigold, sage, peppermint and ginger.

Lemon Balm is believed to cure certain menstrual disorders due to its soothing and stabilizing effect on the menstrual cycle. It is believed to help in easing menstrual cramps and relieves the abnormal absence of menstruation cycle. Ginger is a common kitchen herb and can be effectively used in relieving pain and cramping related to menstruation. It contains powerful pain relieving and anti cramping compounds. Some cultures advocate the use of ginger in large doses in order to stimulate menstruation.

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Treatment to induce menstruation-

  1. Take 500 gms of Papaya juice.
  2. Take a homeopathy remedy called as Pulsatilla 200 5 pills 3 hourly for 2 days.

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