how do you get rid of ring worm?

There are several time tested remedies that can help you get rid of ringworms without the aid of medicines at home. The biggest advantage in dealing with ringworms is that they show up on the skin and can be killed using surface tactics. You can apply concentrated organic vinegar to the surface of the skin where they show up. If done continually and repeatedly, this will kill the ringworm, sometimes within a day. A rub with tea tree oil is also very effective in killing off a tapeworm. You can also rub raw garlic on the tapeworm. This will also kill it. A mix of sea salt and lime will help in getting rid of this unsightly problem as well. As a sanitizing measure, you can keep swabbing the area with rubbing alcohol while the ringworm is there and also for a day or two after it is gone. Another sanitizing measure you can use is to rub the area with hydrogen peroxide. Horseradish is also particularly well known for the rapid speed with which it kills ringworms. You can place slices on the ringworm and also eat horseradish. Both ways will help you. You can also dab on some toothpaste to get rid of ringworm. Iodine tincture applied topically will also have the same effect.

answered by G R

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