What can I use on my 4 year old for ring worm?

Ringworm is a kind of fungus that you can take care of at home, without using medicines. There are several remedies that can assist you easily, especially since ringworms are the kind of fungal infection you can actually see. Ringworms can be killed using surface tactics, since they show up in the form of ring-shaped patches on the skin. One of the favorite remedies for ringworm is to apply concentrated vinegar to the surface of the skin. If you do this a few times in a day, sometimes you can actually get rid of ringworms within a couple of days. Dab some toothpaste to get rid of ringworms.

Tea tree oil is well known for its antiseptic and antibiotic properties. You can rub a drop of this to your skin where you can see the ringworm and you will notice that it will disappear, sometimes in as little as a day. You can rub raw garlic on the ringworm. This is also a useful remedy. Mix a few drops of lime juice in a teaspoon of sea salt and rub this on your skin. In order to sanitize your skin, you can rub the area with hydrogen peroxide. Alternatively, you can keep applying rubbing alcohol to the area while the ringworm is there. You can continue to apply it for a day or two after the ringworm is gone to avoid any recurrence.

answered by G R

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