I need remedy for a rash around vaginal area, there are no bumps its very sensitive feels like a paper cut, and it itches and burns. My skin is bright red, inflamed, very tender.

From your description it sounds as though you are suffering from an infection of the vagina However, you should visit a doctor before you begin any treatment. An infected vagina is a common problem that most women face at one time or the other in their lives. The area around your vagina is a moist place. If you do not dry your self well then the conditions there are conducive to the development of an infection. Tight underclothes also aggravate the situation.

What you can do to ease your obvious discomfort is to wash yourself with warm water. Pat yourself dry with a soft towel. Try to wash yourself after every visit to the bathroom. If you are unable to do so, then simply wet a toilet roll and wipe yourself with this. Remember to always dry yourself well after this. You can also dry yourself with your hair dryer, especially after you have had a bath.

Eat lots of yogurt and stay away from hot spicy food. Try to cut down on sugar and sugary products. You can ensure that you do not suffer from this infection again by following certain rules of hygiene. Always wash your hands after visiting the bathroom. Never wear tight underclothes. This only restricts the circulation. Avoid using rough toilet roll since this will aggravate the skin.

answered by G M

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