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If the pimples appear only on your nose and not on the rest of your face, it is probably not acne. Acne typically affects the entire face, and sometimes the neck and upper chest as well. However, if you regularly develop pimples on your nose you should visit your doctor and ask for an opinion. Pimples are basically the result of a blocked pore. Dead skin cells sometimes stick in a pore instead of falling away, resulting in blockage of the pore and the sebaceous gland. As the gland produces more sebum, a pimple forms due to the build up of sebum which then harbors bacteria.

Although dead skin cells, and not dirt, are what cause pimples, keeping your face clean does help. You should wash your face regularly and also see if exfoliating helps. Some people have the habit of touching their noses almost constantly — if this is the case with you, try to break the habit. If you use make up, try to use less, or change the make up that you use. Your nose is of course not the only part of your face that will have make up, but it might be the only part that reacts in this way. Some drugs can also cause pimples, so if you are on medication, ask your doctor about the side effects.

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