Acne Home Remedies that Work: I'm 30 and have acne on my T zone using acne remedies its drying my skin near nose area and I am having wrinkles down there. please advice?

Acne is a skin infection that happens when something blocks the surface of the skin. Acne typically appears on the face but can also appear on the legs and the back. Any internal change in the body especially hormonal can cause a spurt in acne. That is why teenagers usually see a lot of acne. Even adults are prone to acne. Acne can be easily remedied using some simple home medication. Here are some acne home remedies that work.

  • Application of tea tree oil on the infected spots can help.
  • A paste of turmeric powder with water or turmeric water with lemon juice.
  • The juice of fresh mint leaves mixed with turmeric powder has also been known to help cure acne.
  • Application of vitamin E helps clear acne.
  • Application of fresh aloe vera pulp helps reduce the infection of the acne.
  • A pack of oatmeal and honey helps soothe acne-infected skin.
  • A pack of papaya, honey and yogurt is also very good to heal acne.
  • Soaked and cooled tea bags can be placed on the area affected by acne.
  • Rubbing lemon peel across your face before you sleep can prevent acne.
  • Azadirachta indica or the neem tree is very good for the skin. You can apply a paste of the leaves or drink the juice of made from these leaves. You could even add the juice to different face packs for added benefits.

Along with home remedies for acne, it is also important to improve your lifestyle. You need to eat a balanced diet, with plenty of nutrients and roughage. Include many fruits and vegetables in the diet. Also drink plenty of water. All these things help keep your body clean on the inside thereby reducing acne. Staying calm and relaxed also makes a big difference to the appearance of acne. Keep your life stress free.

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