How to use food grade peroxide 8% for acne treatment?

Hydrogen peroxide is a safe antibacterial agent and an oxidizing agent as well. It is used as an antiseptic specifically due to its oxidizing effect. The use of hydrogen peroxide has reduced in recent years due to the rise of more fragrant substitutes, but it is still used by hospitals and doctors for the purpose of sterilization. It is even used by dentist for root canal procedures. Acne occurs when the skin pores get blocked and hence e the skin s unable to breathe. This helps in the growth of bacteria and thus causes the formation of acne. Hydrogen peroxide causes a reaction with the skin and allows it to breathe. This happens because when it comes in contact with water the skin it tends to release oxygen and water. Bacteria thus cannot grow when in the oxygen and hence get destroyed and the water cleans the skin and helps open it up, thus getting rid of the unwanted waste and bacteria. When the liquid peroxide changes to a gas and leads to a release of pressure which in turns help open up pores.

Therefore hydrogen peroxide is effective in treating acne, even most acne medication contain hydrogen peroxide and thus help prevent the onset of acne. You will first need to obtain the hydrogen peroxide from your local pharmacist. The next step is to buy a small measure, so that you can understand just ho much you are using. You will have to apply the peroxide directly to your face but the exact dosage will depend on how severe your acne is and thus the best way to find out how much peroxide you will need is to consult a doctor who will be able to guide as too how to use the hydrogen peroxide safely and in what quantity.

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