Suggest some natural cures for severe headache.

A good oil massage on the scalp usually helps in relieving headaches. To get rid of pain present in one nagging area of the head, cinnamon oil mixed with clove powder must be applied to the spot. Also when equal measures of clove, almond and cinnamon are ground to a fine paste with a little water it becomes a good application for the forehead. Sandalwood paste also helps alleviate tension, stress and makes for an effective aromatherapy solution in addition to warding off the headache.

Place your hands in water hot enough for your hands to bear, for a while. This helps is relieving the pressure from your head and you will notice the headache ebbing away.

For immediate relief from an extremely severe headache, wet a clean cloth long enough to tie around your head. Squeeze it till its damp and place it in the refrigerator. Remove the cloth after around 15 minutes and tie the slightly stiff cloth around your forehead. Before you start the cloth therapy, have a pinch of salt. This treatment will provide instant relief from the headache.

Eating an apple that has been dabbed with a pinch of salt, on a daily basis, helps prevent future occurrences of headaches.

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