Neck Pain Headache

by Sam Malone

Neck pain accompanied by a headache could be caused by a variety of factors and it would be best to consult a physician to rule out any problems with your spinal cord. If the pain has been going on for a long period of time she or he is likely to prescribe an x-ray and a CT scan done. The physician may prescribe an anti inflammatory to take care of the pain temporarily. Since the neck pain is also associated with shoulder pain, it could be caused by the nerves in the cervical vertebrae getting pinched. If a joint disruption has occurred in the upper back or neck, it could cause a neck and shoulder pain with also a headache. Try to recollect if the area has recently suffered from trauma or an injury due to an accident or fall. Other causes could include tumors, degenerative diseases or simply bad posture. A soft mattress or an unsuitable position while driving is known to cause this condition too. If the headache with neck pain last for more than a week and it interrupts your daily activities you must consult your doctor. Stiff neck pain and the resulting headache could be caused by a crick in the neck. You may have turned or twisted your neck while asleep and the stiffness may be caused by that.

At home you can alternate hot and cold compresses every 30 seconds or so for relief from the pain. Wrap the hot water bottle in cloth or an old cotton pillow cover and make sure that the ice cubes are wrapped in cloth for the cold compress. The heat and the ice will loosen up the nerves and ease blood flow into the area. When you sit and walk, take care to maintain a proper posture. Try not to slouch or hold your head forward and if you are used to working on the computer a lot, align the machine such that the top part of the screen is at eye level. Exercising every day and joining a yoga class are other ways of making sure the body remains supple and flexible. This will also help maintain a good posture. Eat a healthy diet consisting of green leafy vegetables, fruits, pulses, nuts, whole grains and pulses. Drink about 8 glasses of water a day as well. This is to ensure that your body remains healthy and this can prove especially helpful if you are put on pain medication as it will prevent any acidity that the stomach is likely to develop.

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