Are there any home remedies for healing and covering up marks on your arms from needle use?

Marks from needle use are typically found in patients who regularly inject drugs for a medical condition (such as diabetics who need insulin) or for recreational purposes (such as users of illegal substances like heroin). Such marks can even be found in people who have undergone long-term hospitalization, due to intravenous (IV) usage. In any case, needle marks usually fade and disappear with time in any healthy individual. If that is the case, you can simply use makeup that matches your skin tone to temporarily conceal the marks. However, if the marks on your arms do not fade normally, you may be looking at a more serious condition.

The most likely cause is an infection, since broken skin is susceptible to infection from a variety of bacteria. This is also the reason why doctors swab your skin before an injection, to disinfect the immediate area. If you do have an infection, you may have noticed a swelling around the needle puncture mark, with some redness and tenderness, which may be accompanied by fever. Such an infection can easily spread to other internal organs via the bloodstream, leading to a potentially fatal infection called septicemia. The risk of infection is especially high in people who re-use needles several times or share needles with others. In addition, sharing needles can also transmit several serious diseases, including hepatitis B and HIV. Patients may also have an allergic reaction to the metal of the needles, though this is uncommon. In any case, it is best to share your symptoms with a doctor to rule out infection.

Perhaps the simplest solution for you will be to wear long sleeved clothes, but this is not very practical in the long term. You can find several medicated creams that contain vitamin E, which speeds up the healing process. In addition, the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera can be beneficial to you. Simply apply some aloe vera gel on the needle marks for 20-30 minutes every day. You should observe a visible reduction in the scarring within 2 weeks. If the punctures are fresh, applying a solution of tea tree oil can also help you in preventing any possible infection. You can also use a body scrub to help keep the area exfoliated and promote the growth of new unblemished skin. However, it is possible that the marks will not totally disappear. In that case, your best option is visit a cosmetic surgeon for laser treatment. In this procedure, you will have to undergo several sessions where small pulses of intense light will be used to remove the scars. While this is an expensive option, it will permanently remove all signs of the needle marks.

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These marks on the arm can sometimes be too stubborn. You can mask these marks by using a water based foundation for your skin shade or tone. On this you can apply a compact powder according to your skin shade. This will help to cover these marks to a greater extent.

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