My daughter wets the bed occasionally at night. But during the day she passes little urine in her panty. I think she is engrossed in play so she forgets to go to the toilet. Please help?

Bed wetting is also known as nocturnal enuresis and is characterized by uncontrolled urine passage while the individual is asleep. It is usually common in children, especially those below the age of six years. It takes some time for the child to develop full control over the bladder, and bed wetting frequently takes place until that time has been reached. Some children take longer time to achieve bladder control when compared with other children of their age. It has also been studied that bed wetting in some cases can be linked to ones family predisposition to this condition. The ability to control the bladder is not a skill that is inherent in the child. The bladder empties itself on its own in babies, whenever its full capacity has been reached. As the infant grows older, there comes a recognition of the fact that the bladder is full and the child learns to control it. Children are mostly able to apply this control during the day by the age of three years, and are able to stay dry even during the night by the time they reach a school going age. It is, however, considered normal for a child to wet the bed until they are about five years old.

If the bed wetting persists even after the child has crossed eight years, then it would be better to seek advice from your doctor. Also, if the bed wetting has been occurring very frequently to such an extent that is making the child and the family disturbed, then it is advisable to discuss the matter with the doctor. Sometimes, a child is able to stay dry for a period of time, only to relapse again into bed wetting. The condition may also cause frustration and anxiety for the child, and may make it difficult for the child to engage in social activities such as overnight school camps or sleepovers. In these cases, too, medical intervention would be helpful.

To help your child overcome the problem of bed wetting, there are a few things you can do. Encourage the child to achieve bladder control, by allowing her to hold the urine for a slightly longer period of time. Also, decrease the intake of fluids at night, and make up for it, by increasing consumption of fluids during the day. Before going to sleep, encourage the child to urinate and empty the bladder as much as possible. It is important not to scold or punish the child for bed wetting. It is something that should be overcome by the child gradually with the proper encouragement from the parents or caregivers. Rewarding the child for staying dry also helps to psychologically reinforce the practice and will make the child engage in it repeatedly.

answered by G M

Advice on wetting in kids-

1. Try to understand your daughter's psychology. Is she nervous, tensed or afraid of something? Are there family fights in the house? Does she pass urine while watching television? Do you scold or nag her? Solve these issues and then guide her.

2. Tell her to avoid drinking water after 8 pm in the night.

3. Ask her if she is having an urge to urinate, then encourage her to retain till she goes to the toilet. This will improve bladder control and gain retention capacity.

4. Give a homeopathic remedy called equisetum 30 5 pills 2 times daily for 15 days.

5. After 15 days give one homeopathic powder dose of Pulsatilla 200. Then stop all medicines and after 15 days give another single powder dose of Pulsatilla 200.

answered by D M K

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