My daughter who is 11 month old has cold & cough. Cough mostly in night time. Can you please suggest some home remedy.

A cold and cough occurs when there is an infection in the nasal cavity or in the throat. This type of illness is one of the most common ailments to affect people across the world. Children tend to be more susceptible to this type of condition as their immune system is not fully developed. Infants cannot be given strong medication as this can affect their health adversely. One must therefore use home remedies for cold and cough in children.

One such remedy involves the use of steam inhalation. This can be used with or without any additives in the water. One of the childs parents should take part in the process so that he or she is able to judge if the steam becomes too hot. The child can be repeatedly brought under the towel to inhale steam. This should dislodge mucus stuck in the nose and throat. Steam inhalation must be done carefully in order to not scald the skin of the child. Honey and ginger can be mixed in a juice and fed by tea spoon to the child. Ginger is a useful anti-inflammatory substance and honey is known to soothe the throat, thus reducing the effects of the condition.

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What are the common causes of cough and cold in children?

A cough and cold occurs when there is an infection in the nasal passages or in the throat. These symptoms are amongst the most common experienced by human beings. In most cases, the condition is mild and only serves to irritate the individual without causing any debilitating effects on the body. Children tend to be more susceptible to these conditions as they do not have a well developed immune system. The immune system learns of new viruses and infections as it is exposed to them. Thus, over time, the condition tends to occur less frequently.

There are numerous different causes of cough and cold. Viral and bacterial infections tend to be present in most human habitations. These are spread by people to people contact or through contact with infected surfaces. Depending on the amount of exposure, the individual may or may not contract an illness. In many cases, the trigger involves the throat getting sore because of screaming or because of consumption of food and drink that may irritate the lining of the throat. This forms an entry point where the opportunistic infection enters the system. Most colds and coughs are self resolving and may be treated with medications used to reduce the symptoms to a manageable level.

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How can we get rid of cough and cold in a toddler?

Cough and cold are a common complaint in most toddlers and a simple home remedies can be very helpful in curing these problems. One of the simplest home remedies to get rid of cough and cold is a paste of honey and basil leaves. A teaspoonful of this mixture can be given to toddlers at least twice a day to cure cold and cough. Daily consumption of basil water is also very effective in curing cold and cough. Clarified butter and roasted gram flour added to a glass of warm milk is also a great home remedy for cough and cold in toddlers.

A warm coconut oil massage over the chest is a great remedy for cough and sore throat in children. Garlic and cloves could also be used to treat the cold in children. Another effective home remedy to get rid of cough and cold in toddlers is a few drops of ginger juice mixed with a teaspoonful of regular tea. This mixture should be given regularly first thing every morning to keep toddlers away from colds and coughs. These home remedies are the easiest and safest ways to treat cough and cold in toddlers. You should consult your doctor on the home remedies you use to treat the cold in your toddler.

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Is there any way of preventing cough and colds in kids?

In short, it is easy to say that there is no way of preventing common cold symptoms from affecting children. There are numerous reasons why this is not possible. A common cold is, as the name suggests, is very common. It is present in most human habitations and is usually seasonal. Flu season usually coincides with some major change in weather patterns that has taken place. The human immune system is a dynamic system that learns its functions as it goes along. Children tend to have weaker than normal immune systems as the process of learning is still taking place. "Learning" involves the development of antibodies to fight against various conditions, a process that takes place over time.

While the cause of the common cold may be known, there is little that even adults can do to avoid this condition. In general, healthy persons are less likely to suffer from the condition than those who are unhealthy. Thus, parents can help reduce the risk of the condition by fortifying their children with a good, healthy diet. A healthy diet will also ensure that there is growth and development of body tissues, thus allowing for any infected area to heal quickly. General hygiene guidelines must also be followed to ensure that the child is not exposed to too many infections and viruses.

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My Daughter is 10 months old and she had the same problem. I warmed up some Apple juice put A 1/4 teaspoon Lemon Juice and 1 teaspoon honey in it before she went to bed. The honey will coat and soothe the throat and the lemon juice uses the acid to kill off the germs I think

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