I'm a man and after I urinate and I walk away from the toilet I continue to drip urine for a few minutes especially when I bend over and its embarresing. Whats going on and how do I fix it?

Urine flow problems can have a variety of causes and are not very easy to diagnose without proper investigation. Urinary dribbling, also known as post-void dribbling (PVD) is a common and benign complaint and is usually a symptom of some other disorder. Since you haven’t mentioned any other symptoms, the general state of your health, or your age, it’s difficult to say what the underlying problem is, much less how to fix it. However, if you are over 50 years of age, an inflammation of the prostate gland is one very likely possibility. The incidence of prostate trouble is extremely high in men over 50 years of age, the most common problem being an enlarged prostate, called benign prostatic hyperplasia. From puberty onwards, this gland becomes active and continues to grow. Since the urethra (which carries urine from the bladder to be discharged) passes through the prostate, any inflammation of this gland affects the flow of urine.

There are usually several accompanying symptoms — urine retention or, on the other hand, urinary incontinence, pain during urination, discharge from the penis, and pain in the lower back, hips, or groin. If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms, there’s an extremely high chance that you have prostate trouble. If not, the problem is probably weakening of the pelvic muscles, due to age or illness. Either way, you should visit your doctor for a diagnosis

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