I Am 38 Yrs. Old Having 1 Daughter. I Want To Reduce Fat From My Thighs & Hips. Suggest Some Exercises.

Women tend to put on weight in their thighs and hip area, and all this accumulated fat can make the body look disproportionate. In fact, many women are often plagued with the question of how to reduce the fat from the hips and thighs. If you are wondering how to reduce your thigh weight, given below are some tips and exercises to reduce hip fat and thigh fat. When it comes to how to reduce thigh weight at home, yoga asanas to reduce hips and yoga asanas to reduce thighs can be very effective. In fact, practicing yoga to reduce thigh fat is one of more common means adopted by many women looking to shed some extra weight in the thigh and hip area.

While it can be challenging to lose weight from your hip and thigh area, some of these effective tips on how to reduce weight from the thighs and hips while at home will help in your goal to develop a healthy and lean body. However, before learning how to reduce hip and thigh fat, it is important to understand that any exercise regime that is restricted to only one particular area generally does not work. Your weight loss program will be overall, and although the focus is on how to reduce thigh weight, you will lose overall fat from your body.

Exercises to reduce hip fat. With regard to exercises on how to reduce thigh weight, the first machine that can help is the stepper. The focus of this exercise is on the muscles of your glutes; this exercise helps tighten the gluteal muscles, thereby reducing the fat in the hip area. You also tend to burn more calories and lose more weight as this is the largest muscle group present in your body. Among the other effective exercises to reduce hips and thighs are squats. You can do these squats with the help of dumbbells or you can simply use your body's weight. This has to be done properly, and you should take care not to lean too much as the focus would shift to your knee and the front of your thigh. You can also reduce fat from your hips and thighs with the help of weight training. Weight training is a great way to sculpt your thighs and tone them. As the largest muscle groups are in your lower body, chances are that your metabolism will also be elevated. This increase in metabolism will help you to burn extra calories.

Another effective exercise that you can do at home and that does not require any equipment is known as the wall slide. For this you need to stand against a wall with your back. Then, slowly sit down on an imaginary chair, such that your knees are at bent right angles and your back is flat against the wall. You could do this exercise in two ways: If your focus is muscle building, bend yourself till you get to a sitting position. If you are looking to tone your muscles, bend yourself only around halfway. Some other effective exercises to lose weight on your hips and thighs include power walking, swimming, incline walking, jumping on a small-trampoline, and rollerblading. However, if you find that some of these exercises are too strenuous for you, you could start out by walking. Walking is an extremely effective method to reduce weight from your hips and thighs.

Regardless of the exercises you choose, always consult a doctor before attempting any, especially if you have been inactive for a long period or have never exercised before.

Dietary restrictions. Apart from exercising, eating right can also help you eliminate fat from your thighs and hips. While there are many diets available online and in magazines and newspapers, most of these are just gimmicks; hence, it is important that you check with a dietician before beginning any diet program. Going on a wrong diet could have dire consequences to your overall health, for example, the 'zero carbs diet'; can be potentially harmful as carbohydrates are the main energy source for the body.

If you are looking to reduce weight in your hips and thighs, it is important to eat in moderation. While you can treat yourself occasionally, you need to be responsible and not binge. Reducing your intake of carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, grains and potato is effective, and you could increase your intake of whole grain bread and sweet potatoes. However, do not give up carbohydrates altogether; simply choose complex carbs over simple, refined ones. You should also increase your intake of lean protein such as egg whites, chicken, protein shakes, and cottage cheese. Avoid drinking too much alcohol as it could lead to excess toxins in your bloodstream, and these toxins lead to the formation of cellulite; alcohol also has many calories. Lastly, increase your intake of vegetables and fruits, and avoid drinking aerated drinks and artificial juices.

If you are prone to certain illnesses or have a preexisting condition, it is best to check with your doctor as any changes in diet could negatively affect your health.

Yoga to reduce hip and thigh fat. You could also try yoga asanas to reduce your hip fat. Yoga is said to be extremely effectual in reducing body fat, increasing strength and flexibility, and calming the mind. An effective yoga pose to lose thigh fat is the Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose). For this asana, you need to sit cross-legged. Once you are relaxed, place your left leg such that your left heel is touching your right buttock. Then, move the right leg over your left leg so that your right heel in near your left buttock. Relax your hands and place them either on your knees or ankles. Stay in this position and take some deep breaths. Then, repeat this by switching the leg positions.

The Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) is another well-known asana in yoga; while the pose helps in toning the entire body, it can be very useful for reducing thigh weight. Practicing the Surya Namaskar on a daily basis would help keep the body lean and toned. Other poses that are good for the thigh and hip region include Parivrtta Parsvakonasana (Revolved Side Angle Pose), Utthita Parsvakonasana (Extended Side Angle Pose), Baddhakonasana (Restrained Angle Pose), Titali Asana (Butterfly Pose) and the Trikonasana (Triangle Pose). Apart from weight loss, yoga can also be used to complement medical treatments related to joint pains, muscle spasms, and rheumatic pains. In fact, home remedies for cervical spondylosis include many yoga exercises that help strengthen the neck and upper back area.

When doing yoga, keep in mind that some of these yoga poses are more advanced than other; hence, consult a yoga practitioner before you get started to avoid any injury. To sum up, a good diet and a regular exercise regime are the best way to not only reduce fat but also improve overall health.

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In today's health and beauty conscious world, everyone wants to look their best. However, doing so at the cost of indulging in unhealthy crash diets and cosmetic surgeries is not the ideal way of achieving this. The ideal weight of a person is always judged in reference to their height. This is often referred to as BMI or body mass index. For your age your BMI should not exceed 26.4.

If you are 150cm in height or above, your weight is perfectly in control. You should not worry about trying to lose weight. Rather you should concentrate on burning the fats that have accumulated around your hips and thighs. The fats and carbohydrates consumed by us are stored in the body as a ready source of energy. However, if the body does not use this energy, it tends to accumulate in the stomach region in men, and around the hips and thighs in women. This is what has occurred in your case. This accumulated fat needs to be converted into muscle or burned as energy, in order to be gotten rid of f. Simply walking for half an hour daily would not help, although it's a good way to start the process. You would need to bring about a few changes in your lifestyle in order to lose weight around your hips and thighs.

Following these simple tips would help you considerably:

  • The first step in losing fat is to utilize the stored energy to the fullest. For this purpose you will need to eat less and burn more. Eating less does not mean starving yourself. It implies that you eat a little less than usual. Limit your daily calorie intake to, not more that 2000 calories. The basic idea of doing this is that, the body is forced to use the pent up energy, which it has already stored. Exercise will help you utilize the pent up energy to the fullest. Your exercise regimen should be alternated between cardio and strength training. Cardio exercises like brisk walking, jogging, cycling and swimming will help you burn fat effectively, while strength enhancing exercises performed during weight training will help you build your muscles, and firm up your body. These are the two main steps that will help you lose maximum amount of fat.
  • You will need to tweak your diet a bit too. Eat 6 small meals a day, instead of the regular 3 meals a day routine. Your diet should consist of boiled or stir fried vegetables and lean meats. Saturated fats obtained from cooking oils and red meat should be strictly avoided. You could use olive oil for cooking instead. Eat plenty of fruits and drink plenty of water, as this will help detoxify your body, while keeping you hydrated at the same time.
  • Practicing alternate forms of exercise like yoga and aerobics would also help you considerably in your quest to shape your hips and thighs.

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