Does daily shaving blacken face?

Shaving by itself will not darken skin or lead to a blackening of the face. The hair shaft is normally thicker closer to the skin, than it is towards the tip of the hair, hence when the hair is growing and is close to the skin it appears thicker and blacker. It is not the skin which is turning darker, but it is actually the stubble that is making the skin look dark.

Daily shaving, if done properly cannot affect the skin, however if not done properly, it can lead to hyperpigmentation which will cause the skin to become darker.  A number of reasons such as hormonal changes and skin damage can lead to hyperpigmentation. When the skin is damaged due to cuts, scrapes or burns, it tends to turn dark when it is healing, before finally being restored its original color. This pigmentation of the skin can take months or sometimes even years to disappear. It is important to shave properly so as to avoid hyperpigmentation caused by skin irritation.

Following some simple shaving tips will help prevent skin problems arising through improper shaving and keeps skin looking healthy.
  • Never shave or apply shaving cream to dry skin. Thoroughly wetting the skin and/or beard weakens hair, thereby making it easier to shave.
  • Use a good quality shaving cream which rich in moisturizers and lubricants. Good shaving creams create a cream like lather, instead of just foam.
  • Leave on the shaving cream for a minute before shaving as it helps lock moisture into the hair shaft.
  • Use a good quality shaving brush. Smear the cream in small circular motions, followed by upward strokes. This lifts the facial hair and makes shaving easier.
  • Use good quality razors and change the blade regularly (every 3-10 shaves).
  • Shave in the direction of hair growth. Shaving in the opposite direction makes skin susceptible to cuts and ingrown hair, which can cause inflammation and infection.
  • Don’t apply pressure on the razor.
  • As the hair on the chin is the toughest, shave the chin right at the end. This gives the chin hair enough time to become moist.
  • Before shaving (and in between shaves) rinse blade in hot running water. Do not dry blade with towel; always air dry it.
  • After shaving, cleanse and soothe skin with facial washes that contain natural antiseptics like tea tree oil and natural astringents like witch hazel.
  • Rinse with cool water and pat face with a clean towel.
  • Finish off with a moisturizing aftershave lotion.

answered by A S

  • Before shaving or applying the shaving cream avoid washing or cleaning your face. The top layer of your old skin will act as a barrier to harsh chemicals.
  • Don't shave in the opposite direction from the hair growth.
  • Use the razor lightly, avoid too much rubbing and use enough shaving cream in the areas to be shaved.
  • Dab your skin with an after shave lotion after shaving.

answered by S P

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