April 19, 2010

How To Prevent Blackheads And Whiteheads?

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Acne and problem skin can be a struggle for teens and adults alike. Even if you don’t suffer from a full-blown attack of acne, chances are that you have tackled with whiteheads and blackheads at some point of time or the other.

Whiteheads are small raised bumps on the surface of the skin and are a kind of precursor to acne. Whiteheads form when dead skin accumulates in the pores along. The dead skin combines with the oil from the pores and turns into tiny white bumps that can occur all over the face. Since whiteheads tend to develop under the upper most layer of the skin, they do not come into contact with oxygen or more dirt and turn into blackheads. Whiteheads are not a problem only for people with oily skin. If you use a lot of make-up, forget to cleanse properly before sleeping or apply too many chemicals to your face, you are more prone to developing whiteheads.


A high level of hygiene is required if you want to prevent or reduce whiteheads. It is important to use a deep pore cleanser for the skin that works into the pores to remove dead skin and dirt. Use a cleanser that contain salicylic acid to safely remove excess oils and clean your pores. Repeat the cleansing process twice a day especially before going to sleep. Doing this regularly will prevent any buildup and the formation of whiteheads or blackheads.
Other ways to treat and prevent whiteheads include:

  • Exfoliate your skin regularly to keep pores clean and dirt-free. Use small circular motions on your skin and use a granular scrub to really remove all the built up dirt and grime for your pores. Clean your face well after exfoliating.
  • After your exfoliating and cleansing routine, always moisturize your skin to keep it supple and healthy. Even oily skin needs moisturizer so don’t skip on this step. Simply look for an oil-free moisturizing cream that suits your skin.
  • Steam your face often to help open your pores and get rid of any dirt accumulated under the skin. Remember clogged pores equal whiteheads and steaming prevents clogging.
  • Never squeeze whiteheads or blackheads with your fingers as this will only lead to more blemishes. If you do need to remove blackheads use a special comedone remover tool soon after steaming your face. Only a trained beautician should remove whiteheads or a cosmetologist or else you run the risk of infections and scarring.
  • Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to help flush away toxins and keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Home Remedies

Natural ways to remove whiteheads include:

  • Make a salt scrub by mixing three tablespoons of salt with one tablespoon of soap shaving and a bit of water. Rub this paste all over your skin to remove dirt and grime and prevent the formation of whiteheads. After using an exfoliating scrub always apply a toner to your skin to close the pores.
  • If you find an especially troublesome or large whitehead, you can can apply a dollop of toothpaste on it and leave it on overnight. The toothpaste (cream not gel) dries up the whitehead and decreases its size. Similarly a paste made with baking soda and a little water does the same trick.
  • Make your own facial cleanser by mixing two tablespoons of milk with one teaspoon of lemon juice and a pinch of salt. This helps prevent whiteheads and soften skin.
  • Lemon juice is a potent natural exfoliant. Warm the juice of one lemon and apply it to your face with a clean cloth. Rinse off with warm water.
  • Tea tree oil applied on a whitehead can help reduce its size and prevent any infection.