Home remedies for black spots due to scabies

Scabies is a skin infection that is caused by tiny, microscopic mites that burrow into the skin and then reproduce. The main symptoms of the infection, as you quite certainly already know, are severe, intense itching, and the appearance of tiny bumps on the skin where the mites have burrowed. The black spots that you describe most probably do not have anything to do with your scabies infection. It is highly unlikely that scabies would have any lasting effects at the most, there would be scars left behind, but even these would be the result of excessive scratching that breaks the skin (and possibly leads to subsequent secondary infections), rather than the result of the infection itself. I am unaware of any scabies infection causing or leaving behind warts or any other sort of black spots. Most probably, the appearance of these spots immediately after your recovery from scabies is just coincidence.

It would be best if you let a doctor take a look at your skin; only a personal examination by a trained professional will uncover the nature and cause of these black spots. They are probably some kind of hyper pigmentation, but this could include a wide range of problems and does not really indicate the cause or the ideal treatment. The spots could be caused by excessive exposure to sunlight or as a result of some chemicals in the products that you use or in your environment. Alternatively, they could also be due to some other infection or skin condition. Treatment will obviously depend on what is causing the spots.

If for some reason you cannot visit a doctor right now, you should take some basic skin care measures and try some simple home remedies. Applying fresh aloe gel to your skin daily is always beneficial and completely safe. Similarly, you can also apply small amounts of vitamin E oil to your skin daily. Do not try to bleach your skin using any cosmetic products or even home remedies, as this may cause more damage. Start washing your face several times a day, scrubbing it gently with your palms, but avoid using soap whenever possible. Be very cautious about any products that you use on your face, including make up. In addition, start using a sun screen with a high SPF value whenever you go out into the sun, and also wear a hat to cover your face.

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