Does indulging in drugs hamper erection? If yes what is remedy?

Erectile dysfunction is considered to be quite embarrassing for many individuals in this day and age. Most people connect the occurrence with an inability to perform even though there are a number of other possible causes for the same. Moreover, considering that many people still prefer to keep their sex lives private, they are unable to understand the reason for the problem and fix it to make sure that it does not happen too regularly. An erection occurs as a hydraulic process when the blood enters and is retained in sponge like parts of the penis. In most cases, the erection is a direct result of sexual arousal when the signals are transmitted by the nerves, from the brain to the pelvis. Any substance or chemical that interferes with this transmission of signals is going to affect the ability to have an erection. Most drugs available today, legally or illegally will cite erectile dysfunction as a side effect due to the fact that they interfere with the brain and its transmissions on a very severe level. Moreover, if drug abuse has been followed for a considerable period of time, the brain can get significantly damaged – making recuperation a very lengthy process.

Some of the other contributing factors to the condition also include stress, depression and worry, which again, is a situation in which the brain is significantly preoccupied in order to get sexually aroused and send out the required signals. In order to treat erectile dysfunction that stems from any of these variables, the patient should allow their body and mind to relax significantly before they are able to assume their normal functions. Some individuals may go through long periods of erectile dysfunction when faced with extremely stressful and long drawn situations in their personal or professional lives.

When deciding to treat the condition, it is essential that you visit a doctor to run some medical tests to identify the rot cause. If the root cause is drug abuse, the best option would be to stop as this would improve the quality of your life on many other levels as well as this one. Lifestyle changes like losing any excess weight, an increase in the amount of exercise, refraining from unhealthy habits like smoking and alcohol consumption can also help improve your condition significantly. Despite the availability of many over the counter medications that promise to be a quick fix to the problem, it is important to remember that these substances do not treat the underlying cause and will only act as a temporary measure, leading to further complications of the condition. Make sure that you visit your doctor to figure out alternative treatments to the drugs that you are currently on.

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