I am 49 years old male. I am not getting strong erection. I am using medication for heart problem?

The first thing you have to know and accept with your age and current medical condition is that it may affect your sex life to some extent. It would be advisable for you to speak to your family physician about the kind of impact a heart problem that requires regular strong medication could have on your sex life. A lot of times, heart patients are told to refrain from regular sexual activity, or at least what they have considered regular up until the time they became heart patients. You have to make allowances for this as well. If your erection is not what it used to be, this could be a combination of your heart trouble as well as your age. Although 49 is hardly old, but still, if you have a heart condition, the age factor does come into play. Speaking to your general physician will be helpful because your doctor may simply recommend a change of drugs for you. Sometimes an alternative is all that is needed for things to get back on track and your life to get back to normal.

In order to take better care of your sexual proclivities, you can start thinking about including about 30 to 50 minutes of Yoga to your daily routine. This will help you to regain better control of all your bodily faculties as well as improve your stamina to a large extent. Yoga is also the preferred form of mandatory exercise for heart patients and will help you with your underlying heart condition as well. The other thing you would need to think about is also your stress levels. If you are highly stressed, then this will have a direct and first impact on your sex life, especially given your heart condition. Try to look for ways to remain stress free and you will notice a change.

answered by G M

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