by Sam Malone

The Latin god Priapus, for male fertility, is honored by the medical profession by the diagnosis of a condition called priapism. This medical situation is characterized by a continuous state of penis erection. People suffering from priapism complain of very hard erection even when there is no stimulus.

Priapism is serious condition. To some people, the occurrence may seen funny, awkward and very welcome, but immediate medical attention must be abruptly provided so as to offset and prevent potential harmful and adverse conditions. The erection may also become painful overtime. Doctors said such abnormal erection may lead to more serious condition because the nerves and veins in the penis shaft may be permanently damaged, leading to more problem in the future.

Common symptom of priapis of course, as mentioned is continuous erection that may feel painful after some time. If an erection has been continuously going on for about four hours already, then that is the time the person should immediately seek medical attention. It may be a bit embarrassing to go to the hospital with such a condition, but is a matter if utmost serious attention.

Priapism usually occurs at men aged 20 years to 50 years. However, there are also reported cases of children aged 5 to 10 who have complained of such prolonged and painful erection. When priapism occurs in children, proper care and medical help should be implemented so that the sexual function of the penis would not be affected in the future.

Known Causes of Priapism

There are known possible and usual causes of the condition. Basically, pripism is the by-product of the malfunctioning of the penis' nerves and blood vessels. Naturally, after arousal and orgasm, the erect penis would soften and shrink. In the case of priapism, the opposite happens. The penis continues to be erect and until it is already painful.

During erection, the vessels in the penis are filled with blood that makes it appear larger and feel harder. Usually, after orgasm, the blood will go out and make the penis appear shrank and softer. Here are several medications and treatments to other medical conditions that have the potential to cause priapism: sildenafil or Viagra, vardenafil of Levitra, antidepressants, anxiety medicines, erectile injection drugs, blood thinners and hypertension medications.

Aside from taking of such medications, some cases were also found to be significantly caused by blood clots, pelvic tumor, trauma, injury to the genitalia and spinal cord, alcohol and addictive substance abuse, anemia, carbon monoxide poisoning and bites of the black widow spider.


Usually, priapism is treated by surgery. The excessive blood that is retained in the vessel and nerves of the penile shaft must be taken out using aspiration process. That is why it is really important to seek medical attention once the onset and symptoms of priapism occurs.

For kids, if the erection lasts for just about three hours, immediately bring the kid to the hospital form proper medical care. Kids are not normally stimulated sexually, so when they suddenly exhibit symptoms of such a condition, they must be turned over to the professionals and exerts before it becomes too late.

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