Is there anything (common) in the household to slow down menses flow I'm 46 and understand pre menopause is at my door but I'm so tired of the heavy flow please help

Menopause, like puberty, is a time for big hormonal change in the body. Therefore the body sees big changes in a relatively short time. You can try and slow down period flow by adapting to certain dietary changes. Include more roughage in your diet. Add green leafy vegetables and legumes to your diet. Some home remedies even ask you to keep away from foods like papaya, sesame, mango and other heat causing food. These foods could increase blood flow so it’s best you keep away from them. You should also avoid ginger or aspirin as they have blood thinning properties. If you take blood thinning medication then you should consult your doctor on how to manage the medication with your increased blood flow.

Eat food to replenish your energy so that the continuous heavy flow does not sap you out. Try to switch, as much as possible, to an organic diet. Avoid soy-based products because soy is known to generate more oestrogen which is something you might want to avoid.

There are even some herbs that could help to slow down period flow. Shepherd’s purse is an herb that can help when had as a tea. Try drinking some cayenne pepper dissolved in water. Homeopathy is also known to have some medications but you would need a homeopathic practitioner to give a prescription. There are even natural supplements that are available in pill form and have been known to reduce bleeding intensity. But these supplements should be taken with care and caution. Supplements of vitamin A, C and B12 have been known to help in cases pre menopausal heavy bleeding but these vitamins also should be taken after consulting a doctor. Excess vitamins have its share of after effects.

Making some regular exercise part of your diet could help manage your flow better. While this is usually true for regular periods, this habit might not work for you during menopause. If exercise aggravates the blood flow further, you should immediately stop it.



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Raspberry tea is recommended for heavy menses. Also recommended before delivery of a baby to reduce blood flow following birth.

answered by J T

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