February 29, 2008

Different Types Of Menstruation Pads And Their Usage

Posted in Category : Women's Health

The menstruation pads; have become very handy and are being widely used by women to check the blood that which flows out of the vagina during the menstruation. These menstruation pads are available in the neighborhood shops or local pharmacies; they come in different sizes, styles and colors.

Rapid urbanization and globalization resulted in women venturing out to earn their livelihood. So they started looking out for products which provided them more comfort and also completely absorbed the menstrual flow during the periods, thus keeping their body dry. These pads just are meant to take care of these needs. The pads are made up of adhesive materials so that it easily sticks to the crotch of the underwear worn. Cellulose fibers of the pads help to absorb the blood and keep the body dry. Sanitary napkins, rags, napkins, maxi pads and menstruation pads are all referred by the term pads.

Today’s marketing gurus do not believe in just satisfying the customers; instead they prefer to delight their customers. So they introduced pads of different varieties keeping in mind the needs of every single woman. Pads today come in regular length, have wings, are ultra thin, and also have different aroma; gone are the days of those uncomfortable innerwear.

During periods these pads need to be changed within four to six hours but if your flow is heavy then you may have to change more often. The risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is not here as you wear it externally. There are some disadvantages associated with it; these pads are non-biodegradable and are dearer.

Menstruation pads though plagued with certain disadvantages are still very popular amongst women. But just using the pads does not ensure a healthy living, you got to maintain proper hygiene during the periods it’s a must.