I am suffering from erectile dysfunction is there any natural remedy that I can use

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is not as uncommon as is generally perceived. A large number of men across the world suffer from erectile dysfunction and this disorder is mainly characterised by the inability to maintain an erection. This condition occurs both sporadically and chronically. There are a number of caused for ED and these include medical conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases. You could also be suffering from ED because the side effects of medication, stress, hormonal imbalances, and an excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco. Although ED might also be completely psychological in nature, it is a potentially devastating experience because it could results in feelings of shame and inadequacy.

You can of course take prescription drugs to help you overcome ED but this is not a recommended method because most of these drugs have strong side effects. If you are overweight, you should try and lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. Ensure that you quit both smoking and drinking because both these habits lead to a loss of libido. It is very important that you do not focus your energies on attaining an erection because this will only exert an unnecessary pressure upon you and inhibit your chances of a normal erection. Similarly, ensure that you do not take on any stress or pressure from any area of your life.

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