February 20, 2008

Reflexology Foot Massage for Healing Major Ailments

Posted in Category : Massage Therapy

Reflexology foot massage is primarily said one of the most satisfying, pleasurable, engaging and relaxing sensations; it will nurture an incomparable new approach and methods to provide the best achievable foot massage paired with a reflexology medication.

As a substitute of concentrating and signifying on appealing reflexology, points in the foot with unchanging pressure which repeatedly is not necessarily hurtful and unacceptable and may create unlikable reactions. A general foot bodywork medication, which may unclose and alleviate many corresponding enfeebled areas and at the same time producing a sense of happiness and contentment, and habitually of outstanding bliss! A combination of customary reflexology methods with articulation and strokes borrowed from different schools of healing together with acupressure, osteopathy massage, etc.

Reflexology foot massage has a Chinese initiation. Thousands of years ago, it is applied in the interception and healing of numerous health diseases.

The fundamental of reflexology foot massage bases in the presumption that the meridian network unites all cells, organs, and tissues in the body. Particular organ in the body is united to a definite reflex area on the foot through the innermost of 300 nerves. Western medication views the foot as a part of the body that is containing ligaments, bones, and joints.

A well-educated foot reflexologist may put pressure on various energy lines on the center and side of the feet to know the cause of sickness. The procedure is done with the application of pressure to these reflex areas; a foot massage therapy is applicable for stimulating the movements of inner organs, and progressing lymph and blood flow.

It can heal minor and major ailments. These ailments comprise of dysfunction of the liver, constipation problems, skin allergies, and chronic headaches. It is also said as a holistic medication. It focuses on curing the whole person and not just the signs and symptoms of one specific ailment. Western medication promises fast recovery of all unwanted symptoms, this medication is slow, sure and gradual. It is necessary to intensify the body and to put it back to balance.

Nevertheless, reflexology foot massage is gaining much popularity and acceptance as an alternative health treatment fast.