Soy Milk and Pregnancy

A pleasant day to you. I am concerned about the increasing reports about soy milk consumption and the negative effects that it has on pregnancy. Is there any truth to this? Awaiting your response and thanks in advance.

Pregnancy is that phase of your life where every woman is extra careful about what she eats and wants to make sure that she is eating food that is healthy. You will be flooded with advice from all sides telling you what to eat and not to eat and the first advice amongst all of them is to drink a lot of milk. Milk is extremely important to be consumed during pregnancy as it is rich in calcium and contains a lot of proteins. Most people wonder whether to have cow’s milk or soy milk that has been a preferred choice by many recently, especially by those who are health conscious. Soy milk will differ from brand to brand and also in flavor but most of them are filled with all the necessary vitamins and minerals that are otherwise not derived from a vegetarian diet. Many of them, in fact, also contain vitamin B12, calcium and some amount of proteins too. Moreover, soy milk contains folic acid which is extremely essential during pregnancy as well before conception. A proper intake of folic acid before pregnancy helps to prevent any birth defects in the baby related to the brain and spinal cord. Cow’s milk however, does not contain folic acid.

However, there have been a number of reports about the disadvantages that soy milk has on the baby if had during pregnancy. This is primarily because they contain high levels of isoflavones and phytoestrogens that are said to damage the baby’s health and bring about some complications. However, all the reports that have been published are because of excessive consumption of soy milk as that can disrupt the processes related to estrogen that also includes the gestation period and its development. It is important to know that none of these studies have been carried out on a pregnant woman as it would threaten the fetus. Thus, most of the information is as a result of the experience that women have undergone. However, that does not erase the fact of having any risk and therefore, it is advised that soy milk and other soy products be consumed in small quantities that is a serving or two per day. This is because a moderate intake of soy milk would not result in panic during pregnancy and it is safe for most women. If you are still not very convinced, you may consult a health practitioner who will give you the exact information and guide you on the same.

answered by G M

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