Can physiotherapy help cure chest phlegm for a 12 months old baby

Coughs are extremely common in babies and an inevitable part of their lives. The reasons for this could be varied and though, it is not harmful all the time, should be treated to avert any serious problems. Chest physiotherapy can be used to treat chest phlegm in babies but for that it is best you consult your doctor for the exact details. Even though you can also try many remedies at home, you would need the guidelines from an expert to avoid any issues. Chest physiotherapy aims at the removal of secretion of excess mucous in the lungs and this method is effective as it smoothly clears any blockages that is present in the airways and enables proper breathing and strong respiratory muscles. Physiotherapy uses a range of techniques to treat the phlegm in the chest along with other conditions like bronchitis and pneumonia to name a few. The mucous can be loosened and cleared through different methods like mild pressure that is applied on the wind pipe that causes your baby to cough and throw out the phlegm. Another technique places the body in such a position that the mucous is got down to the throat because of gravity and thus, removal of the same becomes relatively easier. Chest physiotherapy should not be performed immediately after your baby has had a meal or drank something. It is essential that you wait for an hour at least after consumption of any food or drink before you perform the physiotherapy.

You can also try other remedies like rubbing Vicks on your baby’s chest as it helps considerably where you need to ensure that you cover your baby in a blanket or make them wear a shirt. Also, apply Vicks on their feet in the night and put socks on their feet to cover them. You can give them a teaspoon of honey to cure the cough. Putting a humidifier in the room where your baby sleeps is another great way and it is said that in this way the mucous does not become thick to the extent that it cannot be coughed out. It is also suggested that you stop giving them any milk products for a couple of days as milk is known to increase the production of phlegm. It is essential that your baby has plenty of fluids during this time and you can feed them a little less if required.

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