Remedies to remove face scars caused by pimples

Facial scars caused due to pimples can sometimes be quite an annoyance as firstly one has to deal with the pimples and then with the scars that stay on as a reminder of the distressing pimples. In order to figure out how to treat the different types of scarring it is important to understand the different types of acne or pimples that leave behind the scarring. Pimples take place where the hair follicles or the pores of the skin tend to get clogged with oil and dead skin matter. A plugged skin pore is the best place for bacteria to harbor and breed and cause inflamed red bumps which are commonly referred to as pimples.

Pimples appear in varied forms. These include:

  • Mild pimples or acne which is also known as whiteheads or blackheads. These appear quite frequently and are a common occurrence in most people
  • Moderately severe pimples outbreak is evident when there are obvious red inflamed boils known as papules on the face. Another type of skin eruption within this category includes red inflamed bumps with white centers also known as pustules
  • Severe acne, results in the appearance of nodules. Nodules are painful lumps or cysts that are usually filled with pus. These lumps or cysts usually tend to appear under the skin rather than on the surface.

The most severe forms of pimples and nodules are the ones that leave behind permanent scars as compared to the other types of skin eruptions. The best approach would be for you to seek treatment for pimples and scarring, in order to avoid further spread of the skin eruptions. In case you are experiencing nodules it is essential that you see your dermatologist or a doctor for immediate treatment. In most cases the red or brown scars caused due to acne or mild or moderate pimples, tends to fade away without the need for any treatment, however remember not to pick or squeeze the scars as these can increase the risk of permanent scarring. Treatment depends upon how severe the scars are and sometimes you may hear your dermatologist suggesting a chemical peel or microdermabrasion to help in reducing the appearance of scars.

Another treatment that is quite popular with most patients is laser resurfacing, which can be easily performed by your dermatologist. After the effects of laser resurfacing the skin usually takes approximately five to ten days to heal completely. The most recent form of treatment for scars caused due to pimples is known as fractional laser therapy which works at a far deeper level than laser resurfacing, but is believed to be much more expensive than any other treatment.

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Very often pimples on the face dry up and fade away but they leave behind scars. These scars are unsightly reminders of the pimples and can detract from the beauty of a face. You can try various simple home remedies to get rid of these scars.You can use sandalwood powder and black gram lentils. Sandalwood powder can be used while the black gram can be ground up into a paste. A mix of these two can be applied on the face at bedtime. Applied regularly and left on overnight, these will work wonders.Sandalwood powder, when mixed with rose water is another effective way to get rid of the scars. For best results this should be left on over night and washed off the next morning with cold water. Another variation of this remedy is to use milk to make a paste instead of rose water. This paste should also be left on overnight and then washed off. Rubbing ice cubes on the face is believed to help tighten the pores and get rid of the scars on the face. Cucumber juice works much the same way and can be extracted from grated cucumber and applied on the face. A ripe tomato also work wonders on the scars. You can chop a tomato in half and simply apply the pulp on your face. Left on your face for half an hour before being washed off, this remedy will help tighten your skin. Aloe Vera Juice is very effective in getting rid of scars and can be left on overnight. Vitamin E oil is another very effective cure for scars. A mixture of one tablespoon of Aloe Vera juice and the contents of a vitamin E capsule can be applied on the scars for a very effective remedy to lighten scars. This can be left on overnight and washed off in the morning. Tea Tree oil is also effective in helping lighten scars. You can also steep some green tea and then use the liquid on your scars. You can use a cotton ball to apply this on the scars. You can also make a mixture of three tablespoons of oatmeal, one tablespoon of sour cream and one tablespoon of yogurt, add a few drops of honey to this and then apply on the face. This needs to be left on for half an hour before it is washed off. Two tablespoons of chick pea flour mixed with some drops of milk is also an effective remedy to the scars.

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