Home Remedies For Uneven Skin Tone: I Have An Uneven Skin Tone On The Face And Have Tried Several Products. Is There Any Home Remedy?

Many people tend to have uneven skin tone on their arms or on their face which may be a result of excessive exposure to sunlight. Those who have an uneven skin tone may find that there are certain areas of their skin that are darker than the others which gives them a blotchy appearance. Additionally, scarred tissue seems to react more to sunlight as compared to regular skin and this in turn makes the scar appear darker. There are however plenty of natural uneven skin tone remedies which are simple to follow and are also quite effective. One of the uneven skin tone home remedies includes applying the whey of yogurt which is basically the leftover water found in yogurt directly on the skin along with a few drops of fresh lemon juice. This mixture should be allowed to remain on the skin before washing it off with a mild soap. Other uneven skin tone remedies include exfoliation. Exfoliate the skin regularly as this process tends to slough off the dead skin cells which at times result in the formation of dark pockets of skin and thus make the skin tone look even more uneven. A homemade skin scrub can be prepared by mixing together a cup of yogurt and some ground orange peels. This mixture can serve as one of the uneven skin tone remedies that could be prepared at home. This mixture could be applied on the skin till it becomes flaky and thick and will eventually fall off by itself when dry thereby cleaning the face as well. One of the best uneven skin tone remedies is to slice a tomato into two and scrub the face with both halves for at least 10 minutes. This will help immediately remove any mild blemishes and thereby bring a significant improvement in ones skin tone. One should also get into the habit of washing their face with a mild face wash before going to bed every night as this will help the skin on a long term basis. Lemon juice is also known to act as a natural bleaching agent and is hence part of uneven skin tone home remedies wherein one is required to apply some plain lemon juice on the skin and allow it dry completely for around 10 minutes and then wash it off. The lemon juice may be applied on ones face with the help of a cotton ball.

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It is not uncommon to have an uneven skin tone on the face or arms. This is mainly caused by overexposure to sunlight. Some areas of your skin might darken more than other areas and cause a blotchy appearance. Scarred tissue, especially, reacts more to sunlight as compared to normal skin which makes the scarred areas appear darker. You will have to follow a regular skin care program to make sure that your skin tone is even.

You will need to use a sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from tanning unevenly. Your sunscreen lotion should have UVA and UVB filters. Use your sunscreen lotion daily and make sure that you re-apply it as often as specified on the bottle. Do not remain outdoors between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. as this is when the rays of the sun will do the most damage. If you cannot avoid going outdoors, make sure that you wear a wide brimmed hat as this will protect your face.

Use a mild face wash at least twice a day to keep your skin clean and free of excess oil. After this, apply a little fresh lemon juice to your entire face, with the help of a cotton ball. Lemon juice is a natural bleach and will help to keep your skin tone even. Allow the lemon juice to dry completely and wait for at least 10 minutes before rinsing your face thoroughly. Do not go outdoors with lemon juice on your skin as it will react to sunlight and cause the skin to darken. You should also use a facial scrub to exfoliate your skin. This will help to get rid of the uppermost layer of dead skin and grime. You can use a cosmetic scrub or a homemade scrub for uneven skin. Mix a little honey, Bengal gram flour and fresh onion juice. Add a little sugar to this paste and apply it to your face. Use circular motions to gently scrub your skin and then wash it off with cold water. Bengal gram flour will help to even your skin tone while the onion juice helps to get rid of blemishes. Honey is a natural moisturizer and will also help to nourish your skin. Wash a raw potato and a cucumber thoroughly. Chop them up unpeeled into small pieces and blend them thoroughly. Apply this potato cucumber paste to your entire face and leave it on till it dries. Raw potato contains natural bleaching agents and will help to reduce any discoloration.

If this treatment does not show results with 2 weeks of daily usage, visit a dermatologist who will be able to examine your skin and give you an accurate diagnosis.

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