Is it useful to apply almond paste on hair removal area? how paste prepared? what time it takes to regrowing of hair?

Removing hair can leave your skin dry and almond paste will moisturize your skin after hair removal. Hair regrowth will depend on each individual's hair growth rate. You can also apply aloe vera on skin after removing hair. Or you can apply oatmeal paste for 5-10 mins and wash off with water (do not use soap). Oatmeal is a natural moisturizer for your skin.

Almond paste is made by chopping almonds in pieces and using a hand mixer to make fine powder. Mix in some water and you have your paste ready. Traditionally, almonds are ground to a powder form using a pestle and mortar, mixed with water and made into paste. But this may leave behind some coarse almond granules. Using a hand mixer is more effective as no almond pieces would be left behind.

answered by P P

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