Can Olive oil help stop hair loss? How should I use it on my hair?

Massaging the scalp with just plain olive oil is a very beneficial hair tonic to prevent hair loss.

Pointers to stop hair breakage

  1. Blend rosemary oil with olive base and massage this mixture on the scalp. Rosemary and olive oil promote hair growth and stimulate the circulation on the scalp.
  2. While shampooing your hair, only use gentle or mild shampoos and conditioners to avert unwanted hair damage.
  3. If you style your hair into a ponytail or any hairdo that puts pressure on scalp, try changing your hairstyle.
  4. Avoid the use of hot rollers, hair dryers and curling irons as they make the hair brittle and cause them to break.
  5. In case you’re on medications, discuss with your doctor and check if the medications are causing or contributing to hair loss.
  6. Consult a physician to ensure your hair loss is not due to a serious disorder.

answered by A W

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