Hair loss prevention and remedies

In order to promote rich hair growth, you do not need a hospital or any kind of medical care at all. At your age, it is just a matter of making a few simple switches in lifestyle which will automatically take care of not only preventing hair fall but will also ensure that you get fresh hair growing well and easily. The first thing you should know is that losing hair can be due to reasons such as heredity, physical illnesses or hormonal disturbances. Sometimes, stress is also a very major factor in losing hair. So what you need to do is figure out if you have a stressful lifestyle - stopping this will automatically lead to better health of both your body as well as hair. If it is any other reason, you can go to a regular doctor who will see you, take down your history and then be able to tell you what is the reason.

To promote new hair growth, you must apply freshly squeezed onion juice to your scalp. This will work wonders, as it is always responsible for new hair growth. Do this at least twice a week for best results. Twice a week, you must also apply Warm hair oil like olive oil or coconut oil to your scalp. Leave this on overnight, as it is an excellent way of promoting good hair growth. The other thing to remember is that if you want to have a little long hair, you should always manage to get it to the length you want and keep it well trimmed that way. If you do not trim your hair properly, it will not grow healthy and there will be gaps in between the growth patches. You can also apply egg yolks to condition your hair and make it better in texture and quality.

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