Is it true that if you place a bar of soap under your mattress it helps relieve cramps and they go away?

Unfortunately, Cramps cannot be cured by anything as ludicrous as placing a bar of soap under one’s mattress, nor a piece of wood or any other substance. Most cramps are caused by an electrolyte imbalance in the body and this is usually the case with muscular cramps. If on the other hand you are referring to menstrual cramps then this is something that is completely different in its mechanism and therefore has a completely different remedy. Menstrual cramps are a completely natural occurrence but there are remedies for the same as well.

Menstrual cramps occur because of the natural menstrual cycle where the uterine lining called the endometrium is discarded by the body. This is something that is very unique to humans as animals also go through a cycle but it is called the estrus cycle. In other animals, the endometrium is simply reabsorbed but in humans it is discarded from the body in a process that we call a period, which occurs once a month or over 28 days. This occurs when the body does not detect the presence of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin or HCG. The corpus luteum of the ovary is then discarded and along with it the endometrium as well. To remove such a huge piece of tissue, the body has to commence an inflammatory process. Inflammation is the mechanism by which the body fights off infection, destroys abnormal or foreign tissues, and destroys tumors. When an inflammation starts, the entire uterus becomes like one big wound. The uterine muscles also start to contract and choke off blood supply to the endometrium and start to push it out of the uterus and vagina. The pain that comes with each period is because of this inflammatory process.

Dealing with the pain of dysmenorrhea – the medical term for painful periods – is done by taking some prescribed medications. In extreme cases medications like synthetic progesterone is also taken. Estrogen is the trigger hormone for menstruation and progesterone is the cancelling hormone to estrogen. These medications are the NSAID mefenamic acid and norethisterone. Alternatively, you could just consume a lot of fresh cow’s milk during this time that also contains an abundant amount of progesterone. Another  pain relieving method that is worth trying includes using a hot water bag and placing it  over the abdomen. Ideally, soaking yourself in a hot bath in a tub would really be useful but during a period but  this can get quite messy and therefore is not advisable.

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