What can I do to ease cramps around my time of the month

Alternative Cure for Menstrual Cycle Cramps

Menstrual cycle is associated with its own complications. The severity of the complications varies between individuals. Menstrual cramps, abdominal pain, pain in the extremities and breast pain are common. Red raspberry leaf is an effective remedy for strengthening the walls of the uterus. Reproductive organs are enhanced and the ability of the body to face child birth. It also exhibits soothing and astringent properties.

A decoction of chamomile is used for treating menstrual disorders. Hormonal imbalance in women, especially in menopause is balanced by consumption of black cohosh. It nourishes the blood vessels and binds to estrogen receptors. Honey is a natural reliever of pain. Three teaspoons of honey is boiled in water and consumed. Dried flowers of chamomile are made into a decoction. Strain and drink to see immediate relief.

Dong quai or tang kwei is a Chinese herb, used in regulating the menstrual cycle and for providing relief from menstrual pain. The powder is encapsulated or added to soups and salads for easy consumption. Half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of boiling water proves beneficial. If you fail to find relief, visit your gynecologist.

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