I always have really bad menstrual cramps.I take 800 ibprofen and it doesn't work. Do you know any home remedies for menstrual cramps?

Natural remedies for menstrual cramps 

Most women suffer stomach cramps as a side effect of their monthly menstrual cycle and in some cases, the pain might be quite severe. Take these simple precautions against menstrual cramps. Do not skip any meals at all and do not consume too much of one kind of food. For example, you should ensure that you do not consume too many sugary foods at once. Watching what you eat may not cure the cramps but it will certainly make you less susceptible to a lowered sense of well-being. Ensure that you take your vitamins and minerals because some doctors report that female patients who are taking a proper dose of these report much lower incidences of menstrual cramps.

You should avoid drinking too much coffee or alcohol because they just add to your problems during your period. If your pain is too severe, you could put a heating pad on your abdomen to help ease the ache. You can also drink some ginger-root tea. Prepare this by boiling a handful of ginger-roots for about 10 minutes and then drink once it is cool. You can also take black cohosh as a powder or dried root to treat your cramps. It is also very important to get some exercise because activities such as walking and low stress exercise often help in lessening the cramps. 

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